General Surgeon Online

A General Surgeon must have knowledge in a host of general surgical procedures along with past experience and training. To accept a general surgeon job a physician must graduate from medical school then go on to a five to six year residency training program. After training, the physician is eligible to take board certification exams given by the American Board of Surgery, which leads to privileges to operate in most hospitals and other surgical arenas. It is at this point that some general surgeons elect to train further to other sub-specialties of surgery including neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, trauma surgery and other specialized fields.

Many general surgeons become part of an organization known as The American Society of General Surgeons (ASGS), which represents general surgeons and informs them about issue regarding policies, and new technologies. This organization holds annual meetings where general surgeons can attend sessions that keep them abreast of what is politically happening to and for a general surgeon, as well as the latest information and instructions on the use of state-of-the-art new techniques and accompanying procedures.